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"Breeder of quality Mini Rexs, Standard Rexs, Jersey Woolies and Velveteen Lops in Northern Michigan"


Hi, my name is Emily and I am a youth breeder of Jersey Woolies, Mini Rex and Standard Rex and starting in the Velveteen Lops.  I live up in  MI on a 80 acre farm with cows, horses & ponies, goats, sheep, fish, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, chickens, geese, ducks and pigs. I have been active in 4-H for about 7 years now, showing rabbits for six out of the seven..  I have learned alot in those six years and hope to learn more with time and interest growing by the day.

*UPDATED 4/12/08* The long winter seems to be ALMOST finally over! I cant wait to really smell spring for good again. I bet every one else is thinking the same way as me. Lets see, where to start: I got back into breeding the Woolies and the Mini Rex along with the Standard Rex. I just couldnt bear going without those cute little babies tumbling out of the nestbox! lol I cant wait to start putting them on the show tables this summer. I will be attending the Ionia show on 4/26/08. I have some rabbits for sale, and if you would like me to deliver them to the show, just email and I can bring them down for no charge.

UPDATE * 4/13/08 *

Larkslake's Bella kindled five babies this morning, all are doing good. Three brokens and two solids. I will take pics in about a week or so (give or take) and upload them on the website at that time. I will keep the site posted on the other liters when they are born. Email me @ AussieGuruGirl@aol.com  if any questions arise.

**UPDATE 4/15/08** TBF's Delilah(solid blue otter) kindled a litter of five Standard Rex kits. All healthy and good size. We have two brokens and three solids...unsure of colors but looks like there will be some otters. At least one is going to be kept by me to show from at fair this year but the rest will be for sale most likely. Email for more information....my Mini Rex is due anyday now.....


**UPDATE 4/29/08** TBF's Sadie had six kits on 4/16/08. There is one solid opal, one broken opal(keeping) two solid chocolates and two broken chocolates. ALSO: Went to the Ionia show 4/26/08. Not a big turnout like last year but there were still quite a few people showing there that day. Met with Donna Shanke and picked up my very first Velveteen Lop, Shaye's Niabi!! I will be purchasing a doe later on this summer hopefully to breed for him. I cant wait to see what kinda of looks and glances he gets at fair! Look at his pics in the new album in my pictures.

Thanks for looking at my website. I hope that you like what you see. Email me with any questions or comments regarding my animals that I have either for sale or in my barn. Please come again!


LAST UPDATE: 4/29/08 Photo albums(Nestbox, Mini Rex, Jersey Woolies, For Sale and *NEW ALBUM* Velveteen Lops) Home page updates


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